COVID-19 Evolving Information and Resources 3
Friday, May 29, 2020 Ref#: 028-2020

As the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, various publishers and journals are currently offering free access to articles and other types of information about the new coronavirus (covid-19). Library presents a selection of scientific resources that could be useful for staff and students at MPI.

ProQuest Coronavirus Research Database

ProQuest - Coronavirus Research Database

It is a collection of journal articles, preprints, conference proceedings, dissertations and more related to COVID-19 and other coronaviruses.



科睿唯安特別推出「新型冠狀病毒研究資源專欄」,為專業人士和公眾提供關於病毒的專業資訊、診斷治療和藥物研發的最新資訊。專欄集成了科睿唯安的Cortellis資料庫、Web of Science平臺和Derwent Innovation平臺中關於冠狀病毒的專業資訊以及相關研究文獻,能夠幫助讀者快速瞭解冠狀病毒的專業知識,相關藥物的研發進展,以及關於冠狀病毒的熱點研究。

Clarivate Analytics

Clarivate Analytics: Get the insights you need on COVID-19

This page offers leading research from Web of Science, breaking news from BioWorld and complimentary access to Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence for the latest on the evolving health crisis.


Karger Topic Article Package: Coronavirus (Covid-19)

It provides free access to relevant articles and works with international organizations to support the sharing of relevant research and data.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press - Free access to resources on coronavirus and related topics

Provides free access to online journal articles, chapters from Oxford Medicine Online and other online resources.

SAGE Journals

SAGE - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research

Free medical, social, and behavioural science articles from SAGE Publishing.

Springer Nature

Springer Nature – Library resources to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic

Free access to a range of essential textbooks from all disciplines and COVID-19 related research articles.

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis – COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Content Free to Access

Provides links and references to all relevant COVID-19 research articles, book chapters and information that can be freely accessed.

McGraw-Hill AccessMedicine COVID-19 Central

McGraw-Hill AccessMedicine COVID-19 Central

A channel for the latest information on the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Gale Health and Wellness

Gale Health and Wellness – Coronavirus

It provides authoritative information on the full range of health-related issues.

Gale In Context: Science

Gale In Context: Science – Viruses

It provides contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics.

Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET

IET - Access to COVID-19 related research

It provides access to research on areas relating to COVID-19, respiratory viruses, ventilators and ventilator components is critical to help overcome the current crisis.

World Bank Group

World Bank Group and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

World Bank is coordinating with partners to accelerate the international response and support countries to manage the global pandemic.

CNKI 新型冠狀病毒專題資料庫

CNKI 新型冠狀病毒專題資料庫


Further, you can still access most of the e-resources On- and Off-Campus provided by the Library including: