Orbis Intellectual Property
Wednesday, June 10, 2020 Ref#: 031-2020
Orbis Intellectual Property 全球知識產權資料庫

Orbis Intellectual Property

A database of extensive patent information (Over 100 million patents) linked to detailed company information. You’ll be able to benchmark and measure how innovative companies are by region, technologies and other criteria.

Trial Access Here

  • Linking patents (110 million) to over 300 million companies
  • Tracking M&A transactions so you can monitor patent ownership
  • Identifying Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
  • Portfolio and patent valuations for all granted live patents
  • Tracking valuation trends over time
  • See extensive patent portfolios for a corporate group
  • Assess the trends and commercial appeal of a new technology
  • Benchmark and measure how innovative companies are by region
  • Interpret your research in seconds using our data visualization tools
  • Understand the company owning a patent

TRIAL ACCESS DATES: available through 02/07/2020

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