New Trial Databases from Gale
Sunday, September 20, 2020 Ref#: 040-2020

The MPI Library gives you trial access to the following e-databases from Gale, a Cengage Company:

Gale Interactive: Chemistry

Gale Interactive: Chemistry brings science to life and helps students visualize key concepts. Aligned to the scope and sequence of introductory college classes, engages students and aids comprehension by pairing reference material with manipulatable 3D models.

Trial Access Here

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy is engaging interactive models bring science to life, allowing students to better visualize and understand human anatomy. Students and instructors can manipulate and explore 3D models that are paired with reference and periodical content for further understanding.

Trial Access Here

Gale in Context: Science

Gale in Context: Science provides contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics. Drawing students in with captivating subject matter, Science In Context showcases how scientific disciplines relate to real-world issues ranging from bacteria to obesity and weather.

Trial Access Here

TRIAL ACCESS DATES: available through 31/12/2020

Your usage and comments are very important for the library to decide whether to subscribe to the new databases. Please feel free to contact MPI Library with any feedback or inquiry you might have regarding this database.