Database of the Month: CDMNext COVID-19 OUTBREAK & IMPACT MONITOR
Monday, November 30, 2020

CDMNext (CEIC) COVID-19 Outbreak & Impact Monitor provides access to the latest data, news and analysis from CEIC on the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak on the global economy, which includes interactive global map (updated daily) covering the number of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered patients, potential economic impact analysis and more.

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CEIC provides access to 6.6 million macro-economic time series and statistics from more than 50 countries. Contains Worldtrend Database, Global Database, Brazil Premium Database, China Premium Database, India Premium Database, Indonesia Premium Database, Russia Premium Database, and Sector Database.

  • Global Databases: Exclusive access to unparalleled coverage of 200 economies around the globe.
  • Premium Databases: CEIC's unique Premium Databases offer users a wealth of additional information on the emerging economies of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Russia.
  • World Trend Databases: A single access point for benchmarking and reference data, World Trend Plus provides in-depth insights into macroeconomic trends worldwide.


CDMNext is a comprehensive web-based tool that allows users easy access to CEIC's database to create quick and insightful analyses.

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CDMNext Platform Screenshot

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