Borrowing and Returning

Q01. I've recently graduated from MPI, can I still use the Library?

MPI Alumni who join the MPI Alumni Association are eligible for a Library Borrower's Card (a deposit of MOP1,000.00 is needed) to borrow books.

Q02. Can external readers enter the library?

External reader over 18 of ages can apply for a Borrower's Card (a deposit of MOP1,000.00 is needed) or a Reader's Card. The applicant should fill in the Library Card Application Form and hand it to the Circulation Counter with two photos and one ID photocopy or apply online. The Borrower's Card or Reader's Card can be obtained in 3 working days.

Q03. Can I borrow the books that are on the new arrivals stacks?

All the new general books can be borrowed.

Q04. Which materials can be borrowed and which cannot be borrowed?

All the books in the general collection can be borrowed. Items that cannot be borrowed include reference books, periodicals (loose or bound), multimedia materials (except teaching staff), newspapers, theses, textbooks (except teaching staff), etc. They can only be used in the library.

Q05. What should I do if I lost a book?

  1. Check it once again whether it is at home or it was lent to others.
  2. If you could not find it, please report the loss to the Library as soon as possible. Notice that the overdue charges are counted from the day following the due date to the day you report the loss to the library.
  3. You will charge the original purchase price of the item plus 20% service charge.
  4. Your library privileges will be temporarily suspended until the proper fees have been paid.

Q06. How does the Library calculate the overdue charges?

MOP3.00 for each item per day, overdue charges are not counted on days the library is closed. All the charges must be settled when the borrower returns the books. Until a borrower completely settles the overdue charges, his/her library privileges will be on the suspension status.

Q07. Are the overdue charges counted on school holidays?

Yes, the overdue charges are counted on school holidays.

Q08. Can I borrow books with another person's library cards?

No. A library patron can only borrow books with his/her own library card.

Q09. Can I return books for others?

Yes, you can.

Q10. How can I renew books?

You can come to the Circulation Counter with your borrowed books or go to our Library website to process renewals online:

1.    Click on “My Library Record” in the upper right of the Library homepage and enter your NetID and password to login. 
2.    Click "Loans" to show your loan record.
3.    You can check the current due date of each record. If you want to renew all the items, click "Renew All" at the top. If you want to renew a particular item, click  "Renew" under the specific record.
4.    You will see "Renewed" and the new due date if you renew the item(s) successfully.
5.    Remember to sign off your record after use.

Q11. What can I do if the books I want have been checked out?

You can place a request online through Primo Discovery Service.

  • Search Primo Discovery Service for the item you require and click on the title of the item. 
  • If an item is already on loan you can place a request on this.
  • Click on “Sign in” and enter your NetID and password to login. 
  • Click “Hold”.
  • Choose pick up location from the option list.
  • Click “Send Request”. Your request has been made.

Once the book is returned, you will be notified. If you do not pick up your hold by the pickup date, the reservation will be cancelled, and the library will notify the next person requesting the item.

Q12. I’ve heard that the library "ILL" service can help me get the information from other universities, how do I apply?

All MPI full-time students and staff may use our Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL) to borrow or obtain items not found in MPI Library's collection. Eligible patrons may borrow in person from Macau Academic Library Alliance Cooperation Libraries with a Cooperated Library Card. Bring your current staff/student ID card to the Library Circulation Counter to apply for the Cooperated Library Card of the visited Library. Alternatively, you may apply this service online through MALA Hub.

Q13. Can I return books to a different library from the one I borrowed the books from?

Yes, you can return your loan items to either Main Library or Library (Taipa Campus). 

Searching for Information

Q01. What is my login ID and password for library online resources?

To use library online resources, you should login with your own NetID account (same as your MPI e-mail login name and password).

Q02. How do I access library online resources?

Use Primo Discovery Service or E-Resources Portal to find online books (eBooks), the full text of Journal articles (ejournals), databases and other resources.

Q03. Can I use the electronic databases from home?

A: Yes, most of our databases may be accessed from any devices with internet access. Due to license agreement, the databases can be accessed limited to MPI students and staff to login with their personal NetID account.

Q04. Why do I find the book call number on "Library Catalogue" but not find the book on the stacks? What should I do then?

A: After you find the book call number, you have to see if its status is "On Shelf". If the status is "On Shelf" but the book is not on the stack, the book may be:

  1. Hide or put in wrong places.
  2. On the new arrivals stacks.
  3. In the trolley.

If you do not find a book that is in the "Library Catalogue", you can write down its title, author, and call number, and then come to the Circulation Counter for help.

Q05. What if the book I want is not available at Library?

For items not held in the Library you can:

  1. Use Inter-Library Loan service to request a loan from another Library.
  2. Suggest that the Library purchase the book for the collection using “Book Recommendation System
  3. Consult Library staff for assistance.

Q06. After getting the call number, how can I know where the book is located?

You can check the book "Location" to see whether the book is in "2F General Collection", "Reference Collection" or "Multimedia Collection".

Q07. Why do I see some books that do not have the holdings record?

It means that the material is being catalogued. If you have an urgent need for an item, you can fill in the Book Reservation Form and we will process it as soon as possible.

Q08. Can I reserve the items that are marked "Cataloging"?

Yes, once you’ve found your item marked "Cataloging", click "Sign-in" to place a hold and we will process it as soon as possible.

Q09. What should I do if I want to recommend new materials to the Library?

You can log in Book Recommendation System to recommend the materials or fill in the "Library Materials Request Form" and give it to the Circulation Counter. The Library will accept the recommendation if it is appropriate to the need and the development of the Library. You will be informed of the availability of the book after it is cataloged.

Q10. Will the Library keep the old newspaper?

The Library will keep the print newspapers for one week only. Patrons can access current and historical newspapers through Electronic News Databases.

Q11. Where are the old periodicals placed?

They are placed inside the periodical stacks. Periodicals that are more than one year old are placed in the storage room. For those who want to read the old periodicals, please contact the Circulation Counter.

Q12. How do I find full-text scholarly articles in my subject?

Scholarly material is generally available in subject-specific databases that include journal articles, conference proceedings, and related material published in related disciplines. You can also search for scholarly articles in Primo Discovery Service. If you discover an article that MPI Library does not have access to in a full-text version, try requesting a Document Delivery Service

Don't forget our print journals! You can browse them by title. 

Q13. How do I connect Google Scholar with MPI Library?

Google Scholar can be easily configured to tell you which search results can be accessed through MPI Library, and provide a direct link to the resource in the catalog for online access or to request it.

1.    From the Google Scholar homepage, click the three strips/show menu icon on the left side of the page.
2.    Then click “Settings”.
3.    Click “Library links”.
4.    Search for "Macao Polytechnic Institute" to find the access link “澳門理工學院Macao Polytechnic Institute - Full Text @ MPI”. Check the box next to this option, then click “Save”.
5.    “FullText @MPI” link will now appear next to articles in your search results. Click on it to see if we have the article in our collection.

Q14. Can I use Primo to create citations for books and articles that I find?

Yes you can. Primo Discovery Service has a citation generating feature, with five citation styles to choose from.

Find the book or article you wish to cite, click on the ellipsis (...)  in the upper right of the individual item record to open up a set of icons – email, permalink, citation, and more.

Click on “CITATION”, choose a citation style, and then click “COPY THE CITATION TO CLIPBOARD”.

Q15. Can I donate books to the Library?

The Library may accept donations that are relevant to the teaching, learning and research needs of the Institute. To donate to the Library please visit the Donations page.

Using the Library

Q01. Does the Library open on school holidays?

The Library opens on school holidays, but the open hours in summer holidays are different from the normal open hours. Check the Library website for details.

Q02. Can I bring drinks into the Library?

No. Any kind of food or drink is not allowed in the Library.

Q03. How can I make a photocopy in Library?

The Library has self-service photocopy facilities, and are operated with MacauPass.

Q04. Are there any facilities for group discussion in the Library?

The Library provides a choice of study spaces to suit different work preferences including Group Zone, Quiet Zone and Silent Zone. Group Zones which including study rooms are designated for collaborative learning and discussion in groups. Quiet Zones are also available for quiet discussion.

Q05. Can I book an individual or group study room in the Library?

Yes, there are group study rooms & study cubicles are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They can be booked in advance or you can book it at the Circulation Counter by showing your student card.

Q06. Are there any notebook computers available for loan in the Library?

Tablet Computers Loan Service is available to eligible staff and students for in-house use only.

Q07. Are there any workshops or classes I can take to help me use the Library?

Yes, the Library offers workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics. For details, please refer to the latest notice or the information on the Library website.