Research Tips 10 - Want to access Library resources without using the Library website?
Friday, August 28, 2020 Research Tips 10

Try LibKey Nomad - created by Third Iron (creators of BrowZine), is a Chrome browser extension that provides instant links to full-text content for articles subscribed to by the Macao Polytechnic Institute Library as well as open access articles.

How to use LibKey Nomad?

When you land on a page with an article that is available to download LibKey Nomad presents a banner alert at the bottom of your screen. Click to download the PDF.

LibKey Nomad in Action

If you are off-campus, you will be steered to the "Library System Login" page to authenticate as an authorized user. LibKey Nomad does not store your credentials.

LibKey Nomad previously worked with multiple sources including PubMed, publisher sites, and even Wikipedia. The LibKey Nomad browser extension has been expanded to work with Web of Science and Scopus. With LibKey Nomad installed in the Chrome browser, researchers will benefit from cover images, articles in context links and one-click access to PDFs.

LibKey Nomad working with Scopus

LibKey Nomad Working with Web of Science

LibKey Nomad Working with PubMed

How to install LibKey Nomad?

Simply download LibKey Nomad from the Chrome Web Store page.

Get LibKey Nomad

After you install the extension, choose "Macao Polytechnic Institute" as your institution, and you're ready to go!

LibKey Nomad Configuration Screen

Official Website | User Guide