Joint Exhibition for Traditional Western Book Binding and Conceptual Book Design

15/10/2018 - 14/11/2018
Library, 2nd Floor, Wui Chi Building, MPI

In order to promote the inheritance and creation of book design and traditional western book binding, "Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI)", "University of Saint Joseph (USJ)" and "The Macao Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Relics (MICRCR)" jointly organize the "Joint Exhibition for Traditional Western Book Binding and Conceptual Book Design”.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part shows selected outstanding handmade books from the students who have completed the ‘Elementary Course in Binding and Conservation of Western Rare Books’ which was co-organised by USJ Library and MICRCR in summer 2017. The handmade books are made by three traditional western book binding methods which include Coptic Binding, Cloth Case Binding and Quarter Leather Tight Back Binding. The second part of the exhibition features a selection of year three students' works in conceptual book design from "Graphic Design II" course of the Bachelor of Arts in Design of the School of Arts of Macao Polytechnic Institute. Those works are filled with ideas, creation and inspiration. 

Over 20 works will be on display during the exhibition, showcasing design ideas, binding techniques and craftsmanship. It is also reflecting the creativity, craftsmanship, design forms and concepts of traditional and non-traditional book designers. It is hoped that a creative spark will ignite through this spectacular encounter.