Type of Study Spaces | Study Rooms | Study Cubicles | Bibliographic Instruction Room

Type of Study Spaces

Whether you need to concentrate in a quiet space, work quietly with a friend or study in a group there is a place for you in the Library.

Choose the right zone for your study needs:

Group Zone Quiet Zone Silent Zone
Low voice discussion Whispered discussion Keep silence
Low volume on sound devices Use sound devices with headphone Mute your sound devices
Mute your phone Mute your phone Mute your phone

Study Rooms

The Library has three study rooms (up to 10 users) for all MPU staff and students to do academic research or course-related study. All study rooms are equipped with network connection, notebook computers, Apple TV and projection systems.

Some study rooms are also equipped with AV equipment for users to utilize the multimedia resources collections in the Library. Library staffs on duty at the Circulation Counter will assist in the use of the AV equipment and in locating relevant materials. Special requests for using other multimedia materials must be approved by the Librarian.

Study Cubicles

The Library has fourteen study cubicles for all MPU staff and students to do private individual study only. Please consult with the Library staff about further questions.

Bibliographic Instruction Room

The Bibliographic Instruction Room (BI Room) located in the 3/F of the Library is available to teaching staff and library staff who need this space for library instruction or learning activities. The BI Room features 30 student computer workstations, broadcasting equipment, and an interactive display. Please contact Library staff for reservation.