Naxos Music Library (NML)

  • Music Collection
  • Classical Music
  • Jazz
  • World
  • Pop and Rock
  • Chinese Music
Naxos Digital Services US, Inc.

Naxos Music Library is the world's largest online classical music library, it offers streaming access to more than 170,000 CDs with more than 2,600,000 tracks of both standard and rare repertoire. Over 600 new titles are being added to the library each month. The library offers the complete Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues plus the complete catalogues or selected titles from over 950 record labels, with more labels joining every month. Along with classical music, jazz, world, and pop/rock are also represented.

Access Conditions: 5 concurrent users.

Naxos Spoken Word Library (NSWL)

  • Audiobooks Collection
  • Language and Literature
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Classic Novels
  • Plays and Poetry
Naxos Digital Services US, Inc.

Naxos Spoken Word Library features thousands of best sellers and a collection of the world's greatest literature - many classic novels, plays and poetry, from medieval times to the twenty-first century under various categories, such as Children's Classics, Classic Fiction, Shakespeare's Plays. The service comprises mostly English audiobooks and radio plays as well as some French, German and Portuguese literature.

Access Conditions: 5 concurrent users.