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The Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET

The IET Digital Library is a global repository of science, engineering and technology focused content produced by the world’s leading international scientific organisation and thought leader – the Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET. The Library holds more than 190,000 technical papers from 1994 onwards for all IET journals, magazines, books, conference publications and seminar digests, the IET's member magazine Engineering and Technology, plus seminar digests and conference publications.

IET Inspec Analytics

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET

IET Inspec is a scientific and technical database with precise, expert indexing for subject-specific and interdisciplinary research in the fields of engineering, physics and computer science. It contains over 20 million records of research literature from across hundreds of trusted global publishers. Paired with Inspec Analytics, a dynamic research intelligence tool, research professionals can explore beyond the literature to uncover trends and patterns that were previously locked away, across a wide range of physics and engineering disciplines at both local and global levels. (Learn more)

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